Install OpenRemote

Install OpenRemote in your Linux VPS server


This article will show you how to install OpenRemote, a straightforward and user-friendly open source IoT platform, on your Linux VPS server. The installation directions are for an Ubuntu VPS, but the process is the same for CentOS (just replace the Ubuntu commands with the necessary CentOS commands).

More information about the product is available at:


  • A droplet / VPS server running Debian 9 (x64) Linux distribution (at least 1GB RAM is recommended, however 2GB+ RAM would be ideal).
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  • Root access to your server is essential.

Let’s get this installation started.

If you are not root, take sudo privileges

sudo -i

Update your system packages information

apt-get update

Download docker compose file for OpenRemote


Install docker compose

apt-get install docker-compose

Install and Start OpenRemote

If you’re using localhost on your PC, execute this command.

docker-compose -p openremote up

If you’re using a VPS server, execute this command.

KEYCLOAK_FRONTEND_URL=https://YOUR_SERVER_PUBLIC_IP/auth docker-compose -p openremote up -d

Replace “YOUR SERVER PUBLIC IP” with your server’s IP address.

This process will take sometime, and once completed you’ll be able to access the application in your browser

  •  In PC – localhost : https://localhost
  •  In VPS server : https://YOUR_SERVER_PUBLIC_IP

Default admin user credentials are as follows

Username: admin

Password: secret

Now you have successfully installed OpenRemote in your Ubuntu server.

In the comments section, please tell me about any issues you encountered while following this guide. I am delighted to assist you.

OpenRemote WIKI:

OpenRemote GitHub:

  1. Michael 12 months ago


    I have installed the application successfully on my Oracle Cloud Linux instance, with many thanks.

    I have gone to access the manager by entering https://YOUR_SERVER_PUBLIC_IP. Firefox had given a warning advising of the threats, which I accepted. The URL that came up was and the page is blank.

    Can you advise on how I can fix this please.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Cliff Petersen 2 years ago

    HI there – the installation goes through ok – when i try https://************ (ip address) i get that the site refused to connect – please advise

    • SajunSan 2 years ago

      Please check whether there is firewall in your server and port 443 is open there?

  3. James Elsenburg 2 years ago

    I followed your guide, but when I run the KEYCLOAK_FRONTEND_URL=https:/***.***.***.***/auth docker-compose -p openremote up -d I receive
    “ERROR: for manager Container “da53328fed55″ is unhealthy.
    ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.”

    I run docker ps and see that openremote/keycloak: is restarting every 60 seconds.

    • SajunSan 2 years ago

      Try to restart the docker service or re-install docker. I may fix the issue

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